Scavenger Hunt 2017-2018


Rules and Procedures:

  1. Images must be taken between April 1, 2017 and March 21, 2018.
  2. Images may be adjusted (manipulated).
  3. Image files shall be in the same format as for club digital competitions  (maximum of 1024 pixels wide by maximum of 768 pixels tall and a maximum file size of 1 megabyte).
  4. Image files shall be of type jpg.
  5. Image files shall be named as "Subject Number"_"Maker's Last Name"_"Maker's First Name".jpg.  The "Subject Number" (see table "Items to Find" below) shall be 2 digits in length as in the table.  Example: John Doe's subject # 01 filename would be "01_Doe_John.jpg"
  6. For judging, all images will be displayed in the orientation provided.
  7. All Scavenger Hunt subjects (see below) are also subjects of the Multi-Screen Competition and therefore all Scavenger Hunt images will be considered for entry into the Multi-Screen Competition.

Submitting Images:

Submit your images using our online procedure by selecting this link and following instructions there. Images must be submitted on or before March 21, 2018.



  1. Zero (0) points if the digital image does not satisfy Subject.
  2. Four (4) points if the digital image is below average.
  3. Five (5) points if the digital image is average.
  4. Six (6) points if the digital image is above average.
  5. Each person's lowest-scored image will be dropped so one can choose to skip one subject without penalty.
  6. The person with the highest total score is the winner.
  7. Ties are broken with the number of above-average images.



Contest Place Contest Prize
First Blue Ribbon & Certificate
Second Red Ribbon & Certificate
Third Yellow Ribbon & Certificate


Items to Find:


Subject Number Subject Notes
01 Action Sports A
02 Creative (as defined by PSA)**** Ap
03 Curve(s)  
04 Imperfection(s) A
05 Landscape/Seascape  
06 Macro/ Close-up A
07 Night Sky  
08 On the Water A
09 The Color Red A
10 Weather  


**** For creative definition click here.

Ap - subject is also an AVCC club print competition subject

A- subject is also an AVCC club competition subject