Assabet Valley Camera Club
2019-2020 Monthly Digital Competitions

Class A May 2020 Image Submissions

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The Theme category is to be used for submitting either your Nature or Assigned Subject images, depending upon the month.

Prior to submitting your images, please check that:

1) Each file is in "jpg" format.

2) The width of each image does not exceed 1400 pixels.

3) The height (tall) of each image does not exceed 1050 pixels.

Incorrect files will not be accepted.

You are encouraged to use the "sRGB color space" for your images as it is optimum for digital projection.

Leave any unused image categories blank.

Notice: A fatal error will occur if an equal sign (=), a colon (:) a semi-colon (;), a single quote (') or a double quote (") is included in the file name. An "Forbidden" message will appear. Click on the BACK to start again.

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After your the processing of your submission is completed, an Email will be sent to the address provided above that will acknowledge receipt of your entry.

You may not receive the message immediately as not all Internet Service Providers (ISP) have the same response times.

Please contact the Competitions Director if you have not receive an Email after one hour.